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A long tradition, now in the hands of the family's fourth generation, the best vineyards and an excellent wine selection have made the Španić family part of the Plešivica winemaking establishment. Their wines, well-rounded in taste, are the perfect example of the Plešivica winemaking renaissance.

On west and southwest locations of Lugaričko, Beličina, and the renowned Prhočak, the Španić family owns over 2.6 hectares (about 16,000 vines) of Welsh riesling, grüner silvaner, kerner (white wine) and Rhine riesling. Recently they have planted additional 2,500 vines of grüner silvaner, pinot blanc, and portugizac (red wine). Their cellar combines the best features of both the traditional winemaking and modern technology; controlled fermentation guarantees a final product with a distinctive bouquet and harmony, while kerner and Rhine riesling make suitable wine for archiving. In addition, the family has been developing wine tourism, providing tasting tours with guides, and accomodation.

How to get here?

It takes only 25 minutes westbound from Zagreb.

Head for the exit at Lučko (towards Split and Rijeka), and about a kilometre before the exit make a right turn towards Mercatone, the shopping centre – this is the so-called Stara karlovačka road. Drive for another 15 minutes towards Karlovac, and at the crossroads Donji Desinec-Gornji Desinec make a turn towards Gornji Desinec (as shown on the map, in red colour). Another couple of minutes in "red" direction will take you to a beautiful yellow house of the Španić family.

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